A Cautionary Tale from the U.S. Army: Deferred Maintenance Doesn’t Serve You Well

We are normally big supporters of the U.S. armed forces, but we don’t recommend following their lead this time.

The U.S. Army is facing a spiraling backlog of deferred facilities maintenance. It would cost them at least $19 billion to bring their buildings back up to standards, according to a new report. And that’s before inflation!

As of September 2020, the Army and its organizations were responsible for maintaining more than 200,000 buildings worldwide with 1.3 billion sq. ft. of space. It will take a massive effort to address the deterioration resulting from deferred maintenance and to restore buildings to fully functioning condition.

Deferred maintenance piles up easily, and it can be costly.

The better route is to take a proactive approach to repair and maintenance with a routine and preventive maintenance partner. 

Having trained eyes and ears on your property regularly will give you peace of mind and often more cost-effective solutions. As your trusted maintenance partner, Strada takes the tasks and the worry off your plate. We can tell you what’s urgent, what we should keep our eyes on, and what maintenance and repairs are coming down the pipeline. 

Do you have maintenance and repair projects you’ve been putting off? Are you not sure what condition your building is in (HVAC, lighting, plumbing, electrical, drywall, painting, carpeting, etc.) or where to start?

Contact us and let’s discuss how to get the job done. 

We look forward to helping you stay on top of your property and facilities maintenance this year.


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