The Staff Shortage Nightmares are Over

One of the biggest issues for property and facility managers and owners is finding good, skilled people to maintain their property. 

The condition of your property depends on the quality of your repair and maintenance team, but industry-wide staff shortages have not made it easy to build a team you can rely on.

We understand the time and budget pressures you’re facing. 

Our premier managed multi-maintenance services take the “people” piece off your plate so you don’t have to think twice about having skilled technicians available to take care of your property.

We provide the maintenance and repair technicians who are skill-trained and safety-trained to our highest standards based on 20+ years of serving clients.

They’re our employees, but you’ll trust them as if they were your own. 

From every corner to every ceiling, covering electrical, plumbing, lighting, general and more, our Strada technicians are the reliable eyes and ears of your property.

We keep you on schedule with repairs, preventive maintenance, and planned construction and building improvement projects to keep your building in safe and optimal condition without worry.

Simply put, we help you do more with less: less people management, less vendors, less stress.  That’s the Strada way.

Let us know how we can put our team to work for you. 


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