It Ain’t at the Top of Your “To-Do” List… But it Should Be!

Repair and maintenance may not be the most exciting topic of conversation for property owners and managers, but it’s critical work that keeps your building safe and looking great. 

Especially now that people are re-entering buildings that have been closed or only partially open for over a year, it’s paramount to have repair and maintenance technicians on site regularly to keep your properties up-to-code, repaired, and in optimal condition.

A broken AC unit or burst pipe can wreak havoc. Even a broken front door or dark staircase can cause disarray that nobody wants. Repair & maintenance may not be priority #1, but it should be at the top of your list so that resolving chaos doesn’t inadvertently become priority #1!

Contact us and we’ll come do the valuable work that needs to be done to keep your building safe and in optimal condition. Our Strada technicians become a trusted part of your property’s family, and our technology platform StradaView is accessible 24/7 for detailed reports of property inspections and everything we do across all of your sites.

With that peace of mind, you’re clear to pursue your bigger tasks without worry. 

And that’s exciting.


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