It’s Time to Collaborate in Your Building

Teams are ready to return to the office to reclaim an experience that’s impossible with remote work: in-person collaboration

Owners and property managers of commercial buildings can lean into this opportunity by providing welcoming and well-maintained spaces for people to gather.

What does this look like?

  • Optimal lighting
  • Fresh paint
  • New carpeting
  • Fixed repairs
  • Effective heating and cooling
  • Well-maintained or updated fixtures

Just like teams need collaboration to thrive, your properties need collaboration, too! 

You can benefit from working with a qualified company who sends out a live technician to take care of your properties. 

With Strada Real Estate Services as your trusted collaborator, our technician becomes your technician. They routinely inspect and repair the property, share condition reports, and advise you on what needs to be done (and when) to keep your building in optimal condition. 

Our partnership is seamless and easy with an online communication portal, reliable team members, and regularly scheduled visits.

Check out our services or ask me how we can help you give people the space they need to be comfortable, collaborative, and productive.


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