Surprises Are For Parties, Not Real Estate Investments

We enjoy surprises in many aspects of our lives – birthday parties, a good plot twist in a movie, receiving special recognition from a coworker – but when it comes to major purchases in our lives, we don’t want any surprises. 

Property Condition Reports

For anyone who is considering purchasing, leasing, financing or maintaining a commercial building, Property Condition Reports are the best way to mitigate any potential surprises with building-related expenses. Maintenance professionals assess the condition of the property and compile a report identifying any current and potential maintenance and repair costs so you can confidently factor these expenses into your decision ahead of time. 

Partnering with an Experienced Company is Key

It is important to work with an experienced company so you or your client receive complete and accurate information on the condition of the building’s important equipment and components. 

Strada Real Estate Services is a multi-maintenance and repair company that has been serving the Chicagoland area for over 15 years. Our core business is repair and maintenance of commercial properties (office buildings, retail space, healthcare facilities, universities, and more). Additionally, we use our expertise to proudly work with commercial real estate owners, managers, investors, and brokers to provide high quality Property Condition Reports.

What Information Comes in a Property Condition Report?

Our operational staff members and alliance partners skilled in specific building areas, assess the building’s condition in the following areas:

  • General Building Interior & Exterior
  • Electrical 
  • Mechanical
  • Plumbing
  • Parking Lot
  • Roof 

In each of these areas, our Property Condition Report identifies the:

  • Condition of individual items as poor, fair, or good with thorough explanations
  • Age of building equipment and components
  • Specs, important identification numbers, and known dates of last inspections
  • Repairs needed and budgetary cost estimates of those repairs
  • Preventative maintenance recommendations and their estimated cost

Our professional assessment gives you or your client the financial operating guide needed to make an informed decision. With key information on the cost of possible maintenance and repairs of a commercial property, you can have the confidence to move forward.

If we can help you or your client gain confidence by providing a Property Condition Report, please let us know


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