Technology in Commercial Real Estate: Do You Know What’s Available to You?

In today’s commercial real estate world, technology plays a big part in property/facility management.

Physically meeting maintenance/repair service technicians at each property, or leaving voicemails to communicate about each job or task needed to be completed at each property on any given day, is no longer the only way to get work done.

There is a more efficient and time saving way…

With StradaView, Strada Real Estate’s proprietary software, Property/Facility Managers and Owners log in to an app on their mobile device, or use a desktop, to see:

  • Inspection reports for each of their buildings
  • Before and after pictures of work completed
  • A comprehensive view of the status of each of their buildings
  • A list of building areas that may require repairs, replacements or special attention immediately

Strada puts you in the driver seat and gives you control. Through your secure dashboard, you can search by keyword, property and by specific report to get the information you need.

Communicate with the Strada team and field operations in a transparent, efficient, and secure cloud-based system.

This technology is brought to you by Strada. It is another way Strada builds confidence. It’s all part of our commitment to achieve the best commercial building maintenance solution.

Click here to download our one-page StradaView brochure.


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