The‌ ‌Office‌ ‌Era‌ ‌Isn’t‌ ‌Over‌

Commercial property owners and managers should understand that, although technology has given many companies the ability to work remotely, office buildings and other commercial spaces will always be an important place to do business.

In a recent article, Zoom CEO Eric Yuan shared that even he, the creator of one of the biggest video conferencing platforms enabling remote work around the world, believes in big offices.

Here are some of the reasons office spaces will always be needed:

  • Even Zoom’s CEO gets tired of Zoom calls. Meeting fatigue is very common as many people find themselves on back-to-back video calls all day long. “There may not be a big productivity loss in working from home, but there are concerns about anxiety and depression,” says Yuan.  

  • People need offices to connect with others. Yuan envisions a future where people could meet over Zoom, feel the grip of a handshake and even smell the aroma of a morning cup of coffee, but that’s a long way away. People still need face-to-face interactions with friends and colleagues for organic, genuine connection.  

  • People working together in the same room tend to be more creative. Yuan, for example, reminisces about in-person brainstorming sessions with other engineers, which he said resulted in many of the best ideas Zoom has had so far.  

  • Businesses still want a space to come together with employees. “Whether it’s a celebration or an all-hands meeting, you’ll want a big office to accommodate that,” Yuan says.

As your commercial building continues to be a valuable place for people to be, we encourage you to continue following the necessary repair, maintenance, and safety protocols to keep your building in optimum condition. If you need help, give us a call at 630-325-9301. We’ve been servicing our clients throughout the pandemic (and for over 18 years prior) and we know what it takes.

We wish you well and are here when you need us.


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