Why Amazon Just Copied Our Service Model

Amazon is making headlines in the facility cleaning industry with their new and improved housekeeping services. The e-commerce giant launched into the marketplace three years ago, but the recent change in its service model is turning heads.

Amazon’s Old Service Model Wasn’t Cutting It…

Initially with Amazon Home Services, Amazon utilized the independent contractor model. Their marketplace connected its customers with handymen, landscapers and housekeepers in their neighborhoods. These contractors used their own vehicles, tools, and supplies, and Amazon took a cut of each job.

This model was initially appealing because it was low cost. Amazon was able to launch a new service without hiring any employees or buying any new equipment.

But growth has been sluggish and now Amazon is revisiting their strategy.

Amazon’s New Service Model Looks Familiar

Now, Amazon is exchanging the low cost of contract workers for the greater control of employing its own people in a self-performing service model, the same model used by Strada Real Estate Services.

With this model, Amazon is hiring housekeepers as direct employees.

“Doing so puts it on the hook for things like minimum wage, workers compensation and overtime pay. But it also lets Amazon determine how the workers are trained, which cleaning products they use and how they organize their schedules,” states the Honolulu Star Advertiser.

A Better Customer Experience

Industry professionals agree that Amazon’s move signals it is concerned about the lack of control over how the work is performed, an inherent issue with the independent contractor model.

Founder of Seattle startup Pro.com and former Amazon executive Matt Williams agrees: “When you’re in a contractor model, no matter how much vetting and pre-screening you’ve done, it’s just hit or miss,” Williams said. “You can’t guarantee a consistent, high-quality experience unless you hire your own people.”

Amazon is now realizing what Strada Real Estate Services has known for over 15 years: the self-performing service model gives customers the best possible experience.

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Strada Leads the Way

At Strada Real Estate, our technicians are our employees. This allows us to ensure they are highly trained, reliable, and the best person for your maintenance and repair needs. All their work must meet our high standard of excellence.

The new Amazon Home Assistants website states: “All our technicians are Amazon employees who are trained professionals. We use 100% eco-friendly and kid-safe cleaning products which are rated 4 stars and above on Amazon. All our services are backed by our happiness guarantee.”

Sounds familiar!

Now that’s good customer service.

Amazon, we’re happy you came around.

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