The Solution for Staffing Your Maintenance & Repair Team

If you’re finding it challenging to staff your property with in-house technicians who can repair and maintain your property, you are not alone. 

It’s an industry-wide challenge for facilities to find, hire, and retain the right people to take care of their daily maintenance tasks, preventive maintenance, and improvement projects. To be successful, managers can consider alternative staffing options for their repair and maintenance teams. 

By trusting a partner like Strada Real Estate Services, you gain access to our own team of employed technicians who are backed by our decades of best practices as a multi-maintenance service provider. 

  • We hire, train, and retain our own technicians, so you don’t have to. We know skilled trades. We know how to find and identify good candidates, and we know what it takes to succeed in the role.

  • We put the right person on the job for your facility’s needs. Skilled multi-maintenance technicians take care of carpentry, basic plumbing and electrical, general repair, and more, to keep you on track with routine and preventive maintenance.

  • You know you’re getting high-quality technicians on Day 1. Our employees are fully trained to meet our Strada standards of excellence so you can trust their quality of work, clear communication, and reliability.

  • You can focus on what you do best, rather than worrying about staffing, dealing with turnover problems, and spending time and money to try to find qualified people.

Strada provides the technicians and takes the risk out of the process. You get highly qualified Strada professionals that show up reliably and get the job done.

Let us know if we can take the “people” piece off your plate.


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