A Skilled Workforce Starts With You

The U.S. is facing an unprecedented shortage of skilled tradespeople that impacts all of us. 

Skilled workers in carpentry, masonry, electrical work, plumbing, construction management, heating, ventilating, air conditioning, and more, are essential to maintain commercial properties and keep our country up and running. 

Oftentimes, young people aren’t encouraged to pursue skilled trades.

For decades, a four-year college degree has been seen as the best path to success. In reality, many of the most secure, best-paying jobs are available for those who go to trade schools.

A recent Chicago Tribune article shares many benefits of trade schools:

  • Shorter time to a real paycheck (two years or less)
  • Avoid burdensome debt (average cost is $33k compared with $127k)
  • Clear path to a secure job with good benefits
  • Specific training for in-demand skills

Will you join us in championing trade schools as an equally respectable option?

Please consider forwarding this article and talking to friends and family members about this important topic.

At Strada Real Estate Services, we specialize in employing and training technicians that are skilled and reliable for commercial properties. Please give us a call if our trained technicians can help keep your building safe and in optimal condition. 

We enjoy being your trusted multi-maintenance partner.


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